Fernando de Cárcer


Fernando de Cárcer Hurtado de Mendoza founded a textile company in Madrid in 1988, with the aim of designing and creating menswear collections for third party brands, providing design, fabric selection, pattern making and manufacturing, always working with Spanish textile workshops.

After more than 30 years of experience in the textile sector, having designed and manufactured collections for hundreds of Spanish brands, in 2014 Fernando launches the clothing brand Fernando de Cárcer, opening his first store in Madrid, in the iconic Villalar street.


Thanks to decades dedicated to the design and creation of menswear collections, a long-standing relationship with the main Spanish workshops and the experience of so many years in the sector, Fernando de Cárcer establishes in its beginnings a unique value proposition: high quality fabrics, timeless basic designs for any closet, a unique range of colors each season and an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Each model of our collections is individually developed together with the professionals of our various workshops - craftsmen with decades of experience in the processes of pattern making, cutting, tailoring and dyeing of all types of garments - achieving garments with unique finishes and colors.


Fernando de Cárcer was born with the aim of creating an elegant and casual style, designed to dress in any environment and aimed at a range of public of any age. Taking care of the small details, avoiding ostentation and branding, allowing each customer to enhance their individuality and own style. In our clothes you will not find logos.

From the beginning, our best marketing has been the word-of-mouth of our customers and thanks to them we have managed to establish ourselves as a reference in menswear in the city of Madrid and Spain.


Fernando de Cárcer is a family business, founded on strong values of hard work, relentless pursuit of quality, constant improvement and closeness to our customers.
Thanks to these principles we are still here today.

Fernando de Cárcer aspires to continue to grow and reach more and more people, inside and outside Spain, who share and value the taste for elegant, simple and quality clothing.

We seek to grow in an orderly manner, without haste, without losing the original essence of our brand and continue to be a benchmark in the men's fashion sector.

We invite you to visit us at our store in Villalar street in Madrid, our home in the heart of the capital, where it all began.